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What should I expect?
The NoSex|SexParty is a sex party, without the sex. Dance, motion, music. Art, education, kink. Exhibitions and swag from values-aligned partners in the sex space. Good times with good vibes. A community space for sexual exploration and growth, without the pressure of sex
How should I behave?
Bring your best self to the NoSex|SexParty.  Come to the NoSex|SexParty with the intention of exploring your sexual self, and supporting others as they do the same. Show care for our community by respecting our principles.
Is there a dress code?
We do not have a specific dress code, but we encourage participants to dress their best for the NoSex|SexParty.  Kink-wear and kink gear are allowed (and if that’s your thing - encouraged!), but please remember that we don’t permit nudity, so bear this in mind when choosing your getup. Note some parties may have a dress-theme.  These will be disclosed on the event page itself.  If so, the theme will never be required but will be encouraged.
Is nudity permitted?
We do not allow nudity at the NoSex|SexParty.
How does the NoSex|SexParty uphold its Principles?
Our principles guide every action we take - from designing the event, the venues partners and sponsors we work with, to the events themselves.  Our staff and volunteers are on hand at the event to ensure participants are living up to our principles and generally being kind, caring and acting with consent.
I don’t see any parties in my city - will you be hosting one near me soon?
The NoSex|SexParty is growing quickly! The best way to stay in touch is to fill out the form at the bottom of this page and select “Join an upcoming party!” We intend to host events in a given city as soon as we have enough people on our interest list - so please tell others seeking sexual liberation that share our principles to sign up as well!
Can I volunteer at the NoSex|SexParty?
Yes! Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and select “Volunteer” to get in touch with the NoSex|SexParty team.
Can I host or sponsor a NoSex|SexParty?
Yes! We’re seeking ambassadors that will act as NoSex|SexParty hosts. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and select “Ambassador” or "Partnership/Sponsor" to get in touch with the NoSex|SexParty team to talk about hosting an event near you!
I see that the NoSex|SexParty is Presented by Headero, what is that?
Headero is the app for oral pleasure. It is a sex positive community for everyone that is down with oral pleasure. The NoSex|SexParty and Headero are both ThotExperiment platforms.
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