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December 15, 2023

[NYC] NoSex|SexParty ~Mixer~

The NoSex|SexParty mixer - a community space for sexual liberation.

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Join us for a NoSex|SexParty community mixer and discussion panel.  

An opportunity to get to know your fellow NoSex|SexPartiers in a low key setting, and a chance to engage in dialogue centered around sexual liberation.

Expect drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), music, a panel discussion, and some sexy performances to set the mood.  It's the perfect start to a steamy Saturday night.

We'll have a panel discussion and Q&A with leaders in the sex space, including:

~ SX Noir, the Thot Leader of s*x tech, host of the Thot Leader Podcast and producer of the NoSex|SexParty

~ Stephen Quaderer, Founder/CEO of ThotExperiment, which create s platforms for sexual liberation that are grounded in consent and safety; the creator of ThotExperiment's platforms Headero, the app for oral pleasure, and the NoSex|SexParty

~ Catherine Drysdale, TikTok verified s*x and relationships coach and Founder of Your Pleasure Path

~ Laura Desiree s*x, nightlife and media authority.  Lead Anchor, Writer, Producer: Naked News; Host, Co-Creator "A Mouthful with Laura + Romi"; Creator: Licked&Loaded; Creator: Red Umbrella Talk

~ DJ Rusheed, a passionate advocate for normalizing conversations around pleasure through gifting and fashion. Founder of, a creative design studio for pleasure and wellness gifting, and, an online marketplace making kinkwear exploration more approachable.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is sexual liberation. We are here to liberate and expand our sexual horizons through art, dance, dialogue and connection.

The NoSex|SexParty is a space for a consent-grounded to form, connect& grow together, safely.  Through the words and actions of our community, we seek to change society’s framing of sex: rejecting sexual stigma and control – and instead grounding in consent and safety.

Our Principles:

1. We are inclusive. We are inclusive of people of all gender identities, sexualities, body types, ages, disability statuses, relationships statuses and sex worker statuses.

2. We are sex positive.*We are here to explore our sexual selves. Each person’s sexual journey isdifferent, and so long as it is grounded in consent and safety, no one’s journey is to be stigmatized.

3. We are a community. We show care for each other’s well being. We support each other on our journeys towards sexual liberation.

4. We are consent-grounded. We recognize that bodily autonomy is fundamental, and that while consentis essential for s*x, consent goes beyond explicitly sexual activities.

5. We don’t have sex at the NoSex|SexParty. Our purpose is sexual liberation. We are here to expand our sexual horizons through art, dance, dialogue and connection. But this space is not for having sex.

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